Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Award Winning local club Storm Gymnastics was established nearly 20 years ago to provide the sport of gymnastics in a safe and fun environment to all children regardless of their age, ability, gender or social background. Through the years the club has continued to grow, winning countless Local and National medals and awards with the most prestigious award being the Penultimate 'Achievement in Sport Award' issued by the Lord Provost of Glasgow at the Sports Person of the Year Awards 2017.

The club is run by a committed group of coaches and volunteers who assist in providing the best gymnastics opportunities to over 400 members each week. The club operates 6 days per week in various areas of social deprivation throughout Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire allowing us to reach out to many different areas and target a far wider group of communities.

Through our 'Funtastic Gymnastics" programme we would use funding to a) boost our equipment and therfore b) offer 'family gymnastics' by encouraging our gymnasts to bring their parents and other family members to take part alongside them.

Over 100 nursery gymnasts aged from 12 months - 5 years will have a specialised gymnastics programme for each family based on fitness, team work, nutrition, skill achievement and social interaction. Expert coaching will be provided by gymnastics coaches , personal trainers and nutritional experts, to deliver our families a unique opportunity to interact together via gymnastics and using our 'fitness through fun' ideas, where coaches will work to build each families relationships, confidence, communication, fitness and general outlook on a healthy lifestyle working alongside others in their community. By encouraging young people from an early age to form good habits when it comes to sport, evidence shows this can help lead to an active and healthy lifestyle in the future, something we hope will be realised and encouraged by our parents taking part .

Over 300 school aged gymnasts will have access to the exact same programme, however in addition to the above 'funtastic gymnastics' programme, our talented gymnasts in our junior and senior elite teams can benefit from the much needed enhancement of the gymnastics equipment. The funding used to purchase the specific, vital equipment which the club currently lacks would not only offer our members the exciting opportunity to train on competition standard equipment but allow our younger gymnasts the chance to engage their imagination creating enjoyment and excitement undertaking an olympic sport which the whole family can enjoy and benefit from.

The community spirit at the club is overwhelming as Storm continues to be at the forefront of all community events and is supported by the community due to its success and strong community links the club instills to this day. The funding would not only reach the 400 club members but the added benefits of the programme being opened to family members also, we fully intend this project to help over 2000 local community residents during the 6 months pilot project.

We strongly believe we are on the cusp of something very special with a programme which can hopefully be replicated far and wide by all clubs, with Aviva's financial support we can achieve something that will impact on our communities for years to come. This fantastic opportunity by Storm links into the the Scottish Governments ambitions as per their 2017 consultation 'A Healthier future - Action and ambitions on Diet, Activity and Healthy Weights'

Storm Gymnastics is committed to do their part to help communities and with your vital financial support we feel we have a programme which will help both our 'young and old' members work through a fun, engaging and life changing programme.


Moment of Pride

Storm Gymnastics dedicated team of 25 helpers, ensure every project planned by Storm is delivered successfully and to the benefit to the whole community. This project will not only help the members on the programme but set a legacy for the future creating a positive, exciting outlook for a community

Location: Bishopbriggs