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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Chorley Women's Centre is a registered charity which provides practical and emotional support for women in the local area. Staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers, It provides a safe space for women to access support at times of need. Support offered includes free counselling, benefit and employment advice and a number of initiatives aimed at improving the health and well being of women in the local community such as access to relaxation sessions, walk and talk and alternative therapies. We also run a number of courses for free or minimal cost

At Chorley Women's Centre, we pride ourselves in offering a warm, friendly and relaxed environment where our clients can get the help and support they need. However, our building is in serious need of some TLC and would benefit from some redecoration and minor renovations. A warm and pleasant environment is essential to the work we do. We want all women accessing the centre to feel it is a safe, calm and welcoming place to be and updating our current, tired and( in some places) tatty decor would help us to ensure this is the case for years to come. Our existing funds contribute to the day to day running of the centre and ensuring we can continue to offer much needed support to the women of Chorley. However, maintaining our building is also necessary but costly and a bit extra help with doing this would be greatly beneficial.

You never know when you or someone you love might need some additional support, voting for us helps to ensure that when people need us, we can provide a pleasant place for them to access the help they need.

Chorley Women's Centre

Moment of Pride

I am extremely proud to be part of Chorley Women's Centre , we are unique in what we offer in our local community in that our services are free and open to any women in need. Our team of passionate and dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to support our clients .

Location: Chorley