Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Disability Variety Shows project aims to showcase the artistic talents of local disabled people providing an inspirational once in a lifetime opportunity with high levels of community and social interaction, enabling them to demonstrate their skills and ability empowering individuals to recognise their potential and raise aspirations within the community. Additionally, through performing both individually and in groups to audiences drawn from all sections of the community (minimum 100 people per performance) the overall result will be a significant improvement in their physical, mental and emotional health and well- being with people feeling much better about themselves as a person and also generating increased pride in their local community. It is widely recognised that local there are major health inequalities facing the disabled community in comparison to the rest of the population with a real need for preventative services which will improve health and well-being to address these inequalities and this project has been designed to achieve this aim.
The award would make a significant difference as without funding it would be impossible to offer this fantastic opportunity to members of our local community. Through the funding we will utilise local artists supported by our strong volunteer base to work with our community members delivering auditions, practice and rehearsal workshops on a weekly basis identifying their skills and developing their talent resulting in an increased confidence and self-esteem. Through these workshops we will unite and bring our community together removing the barriers to social isolation, encouraging individuals to work and perform both independently and together as a group instilling a team work ethos and an understanding of the positive benefits of peer support. This will be further complimented by physical activity input into the workshops particularly dance routines ensuring the physical aspect of health and well-being is addressed. Additionally our community members will take responsibility for production, sound and lighting, advertising, costumes, front of house and all other ancillary roles as these aspects being equally important to project success will achieve identical health and well-being outcomes. Ultimately during the twelve month period we will host a 3 day programme of variety shows every quarter within our community auditorium ensuring a minimum of 500 disabled people benefit from improved health and well-being and improved quality of life over the course of the project
Foresight is a local charity based in North East Lincolnshire that champions disability and the undoubted ability of local disabled people. We take pride in our user led ethos with the need for all projects and services identified by potential beneficiaries and as with all our projects they are designed, developed, planned and delivered with beneficiaries at the fore ensuring we achieve our aims and objectives and meet the needs and requirements of all the participants. This particular project has been high profile with our community and the opportunity to be involved has created tremendous excitement and generated some fantastic ideas all of which have been incorporated into the project
We would ask people to vote for our project as it has the potential to be life changing for our local community offering a new and exciting opportunity that will significantly contribute to addressing the disadvantage and inequalities facing our community and have considerable impact through improving the physical, mental and emotional health and well- being and as a consequence the overall standard of lifestyle led by our disabled community members. Additionally through voting for our project it will provide our community with a platform from which to create a more positive image and perception of the disabled community, place their achievements in the spotlight and in many cases gain greater respect from the wider community

Foresight (North East Lincolnshire) Limited

Moment of Pride

We are proud of our organisation as it has significantly changed the quality of life for local disabled people. We are even prouder of our beneficiaries as despite facing considerable disadvantage they lead a full and enjoyable life removing barriers to participation and showcasing their ability.

Location: North East Lincolnshire, UK