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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Trans Pennine Trail is a coast to coast route for walkers, cyclists and in parts horses stretching from Southport to Hornsea. Unfortunately the route through Burn Air Field, Selby (North Yorkshire) has now become virtually impassable in inclement weather which is having a major impact on the route. Funding is urgently needed to enable repairs to protect the route from the elements and to protect the true alignment of the TPT for everyone to use.

Not only is the route part of the Trans Pennine Trail but it is also part of the European Walking route E8, the National Cycle Network and also a very popular Park Run. In terms of the Trans Pennine Trail, the route through Burn Airfield is a gateway to enable visitors to travel by sustainable means to get to Selby, York or even the eastern terminus of the Trail at Hornsea!

The project is vital for the health and wellbeing not only of the local community but users of these national routes. In particular, the park run is a vital way for the local community to improve physical, mental and emotional health and a great way to meet new people. This newly resurfaced route would enable people to use this facility to improve their physical and mental health, whilst also re-engaging with nature. The route also provides a family friendly section that is completely off-road and can be used without danger, whether walking, cycling, running, out with your young family in a pushchair or with a friend or loved one who uses a wheelchair / scooter.

Selby are looking to provide grassroot participation to running with links to clubs and form partnerships with local events such as Race for Life. Parkrun is vital to ensure participants can have a weekly supportive environment to keep people motivated and continuously setting new goals. Once a week is not often enough to change behaviour so Parkrun supports the journey from inactive to active.

It is vital that this opportunity is provided to improve facilities not only with the local community but from visitors further afield, without discrimination. Selby and North Yorkshire Councils would work with their local community groups, highlighting that this route is now useable. The works would be a positive change to the local area, providing a much needed off-road route whilst also enhancing a sustainable transport route.

The Trans Pennine Trail is a free sustainable transport and recreation route that is open for everyone to enjoy regardless of age or ability. It is essential that the facilities to help market the Trail are available. This project is a wonderful way to highlight the importance of sustainable travel, reducing carbon emissions and also local communities and their environments to help uses understand the value of protecting our environment for future generations.

The route is also a key section in a nationally recognised sustainable transport and leisure route that is vital to the local community and Trail users. This facility needs protecting for our future generations to enjoy.
The project is supported by the Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail – an enthusiastic group of people from points all across the Trans Pennine Trail (and beyond) who support this brilliant facility and wish to get involved to help promote and protect it by talking to people on the route to raise the profile of the Trail, presentations on the Trail to local and regional organisations, attending shows and events to help promote the TPT and keeping the office informed about issues on the Trail and potential improvements.

£25,000 would provide a new surface (150m) with no further match funding needed.

Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail

Moment of Pride

This project is really needed by the local community. At the minute there are unfortunately many occasions where they cannot use the true path of the Trail through the Airfield and funding is unavailable by the local Council to enable reinstatement works to be undertaken.

Location: Burn