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Life Care Radio is a registered charity, (no. 1157024) delivering radio shows and entertainment to residential and nursing homes in the South Devon and Torbay area. The shows, broadcast by volunteers, are largely music and chat with some specialist and request shows. Listeners love to hear their name on air and the station does a lot of work around dementia-friendly radio programming, recognising that often those affected by dementia, even in the later stages, respond positively to music.

What is missing from the station is a reliable, regular news service and the volunteers are very aware that this is a very much needed commodity, allowing listeners to keep up to date with current affairs as well as serving as an hourly reminder of the time. The installation of such a service would mean that the news would be broadcast via the service every hour through the day and night.

The volunteers and listeners of Life Care Radio feel that the news should be an integral part of the service and provides a valuable connection to the day to day world. With the aim of reducing isolation and loneliness in those living in nursing and residential care, the radio station is keen to ensure that the news service is introduced to help them to stay in touch, contribute to their social awareness and spark conversations. The radio station has also attracted listeners who are housebound and they too will benefit from the news service for these reasons.

Whilst it may not always be good news, Gill (1993) describes news as a 'window on the world' which is important when helping to make sure that people feel connected and part of the wider community. Older people may find reading newspapers a challenge because of lack of accessibility, failing eyesight or poor dexterity so the provision of a radio news service does help to overcome some of these issues.

Taking the news will also be of secondary benefit to the volunteers, in particular new presenters and those interested in a career in media as 'taking the news' is often an integral skill in radio broadcasting and understanding how to combine media to give variety and entertainment is part of this learning process.

It is very important to Life Care Radio to provide a complete service to their listeners and up to date news bulletins will help them to achieve that.

Life Care Radio

Moment of Pride

This organisation promotes connections and community cohesion in a very real way, with young people visiting older people and involving people of all ages and all walks of life. It also trains up younger members, contributing to their life skills, confidence and fulfilment.

Location: Totnes