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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Friend in Deed's little visitors scheme aims to reduce loneliness whilst improving the physical and mental health of older people. We aim to increase community integration by organising weekly sessions that allow parents to take babies and children of all ages into their local care home. Intergenerational schemes seem to benefit everyone involved. For the older generation, there is a sense of feeling "worthwhile" and "connected to the outside world", children benefit by gaining increased social skills and learn about the value of kindness "I have seen the most beautiful and gentle side to her" and parents discuss the happiness the sessions create "seeing the residents enjoy themselves by just being around children is amazing".
We are currently in the process of becoming a registered charity and we currently work with some care homes In Norfolk but we are yet to reach any parts of North, South and West Norfolk due to a lack of resources. We know that there are some older people that will not engage with any activities in care homes but they would like to spend time with children. The impact that we have made so far has been incredible but we know that there are more families and older people in care homes that we could connect. Due to the visits being regular, wonderful friendships across the generations develop and younger people can gain a more positive image of the ageing process.
We would be very grateful if people would vote for us because our work helps create kinder communities and we are desperate to reduce the loneliness and isolation that all age groups can experience. Because of the nature of our project, lots of people benefit. Our beneficiaries include; care home residents, parents, babies/children, care home staff and family members who have loved ones in care homes. We also feel that a scheme like this will help children learn about the value of kindness and community and that will, in turn, benefit communities for a long time to come.

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Moment of Pride

It makes us proud when we see an older person who would normally be quite withdrawn, "come to life" and smile whilst interacting with their new, younger friends. We also love witnessing how proud parents are when they see their little one showing compassion towards older people.

Location: Norfolk, UK