Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


West Tytherley is a tiny village school which currently has 69 children on its register. It is a highly valued community amenity that serves a number of small villages in a rural area.

The impact of government funding cuts on schools such as ours has been significant. Our active PTA raise money throughout the school year to ensure that children can continue to have access to essentials such as music, educational IT packages and other learning materials. They rely heavily on the generosity of our local community and, consequently, would greatly appreciate some help from the Aviva Community Fund.

With your aid, we would love to purchase sets of reading books for each class to enable our teachers to do focused group reading to aid comprehension and reading skills. Currently our teachers are either providing handouts to the children or displaying the text on projector screens in the classroom so that they can all follow. It would be fantastic if we could provide each child with their own copy of the book during group reading as I’m sure you will agree there is nothing like the feel of a real book, and I know the children will take great pride in having their own copy and will excitedly turn the pages.

We would love to be able to purchase high quality texts for all ages and be able to offer a wide variety of genres, authors and reading abilities so that every child in the school can develop their favourite types of texts and develop a love for reading.

Friends of West Tytherley Primary school

Moment of Pride

At West Tytherley, teachers aim to provide a caring and exciting learning environment where each child is valued and nurtured. The children flourish and we are proud of their achievements. Where we are able, we would like to provide every tool possible to help them reach their full potential.

Location: West Tytherley