About the competition

The Aviva Community Fund

The Aviva Community Fund offers you the chance to get funding for an important cause in your community.

It’s open to everyone – the general public as well as Aviva customers, employees, insurance brokers or financial advisers (whether associated with Aviva or not). We want you to enter a project for your community and tell us what a difference these much-needed funds could make.

Get enough votes from friends, family and supporters in your community and your project could be entered into the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds. 


About the awards

We believe good projects come in all shapes and sizes. So the best way to support a variety of good causes is to let both large and small projects share the funding.

The Aviva Community Fund will finance over 500 projects across four different fund levels and four categories, giving our awards to communities throughout the UK.

If your project gets enough votes and wows our judges, it will be in with a chance of receiving those much-needed funds.

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What makes a good entry?

Your project is right for the Aviva Community Fund if it: 

  • will make a positive difference in your community
  • is associated with a community organisation or charity, and will take place in the UK
  • will be completed or well underway before 31 December 2018
  • can ideally be completed with the requested funding alone.
To suit projects of different sizes, the funding levels you can apply for are:
Up to £1,000
Up to £5,000
Up to £10,000
Up to £25,000
There are four project categories to choose from in which to submit your entry:
Health and Wellbeing
Skills for Life
Community support

Submitting a project

Creating and submitting your project is easy. Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Identify a project that will have a positive impact in your community. You can submit a project for or on behalf of any not-for-profit community organisation.
  2. Enter it in the Aviva Community Fund. (You'll have to register.)
  3. Add photos and videos to paint a better picture for the public.
  4. Get your friends, family and more to vote for your project. Promote it by getting in touch with them, by using Facebook, Twitter, community events or any other way that will get attention.

Download the project submission guide (PDF 1MB)

Find out more about submitting a project


Once voting opens on 24 October 2017, start sharing your project with as many friends, family and community supporters as possible to get their votes. The projects with the most votes will become finalists.

Anyone who lives in the UK and registers on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for projects between 24 October and 21 November. You don’t have to have submitted a project to vote.

You'll get 10 votes which you can use at any time during the voting phase of the competition. You can support as many projects as you like with your votes. Spread them around or use them all to support one project – it’s your choice.

Find out more about voting

What happens when voting closes?

£1,000 funding level

In the £1,000 funding level, we’ll give the first 200 projects in any category to get 1,000 votes the funding they applied for.

After voting closes, the next 200 projects with the most votes across all categories will become finalists. Again, they’ll get the funding they applied for.

In the broker and adviser awards, we guarantee to give the first 15 projects to reach 1,000 votes the funding they applied for.  After voting closes, the next 15 projects with the most votes across all categories will become finalists and get the funding they applied for.

In all of these instances, the projects must pass our due diligence checks to receive the money. If they don’t pass the checks, we’ll have to turn down the application.  If this happens, we’ll give the funding to the project with the highest votes that didn’t make the finals as long as they pass the checks. 

£5,000 and above funding levels

At the other funding levels, the projects with the most votes will reach the Finals. There, our panel of judges will decide which projects will receive funding.

Find out more about what happens when voting closes


Entries that make it through to the Finals will be judged by a panel of between three and five impartial judges. They will judge entries asking for up to £5,000, £10,000 and £25,000 on the following criteria: 

40% weighting
Longevity and sustainability
35% weighting
Likelihood of success
10% weighting
10% weighting
5% weighting

We’ll announce the judges' results on 16 January 2018.

Find out more about judging

Organisations supporting the Aviva Community Fund

We would like to thank the following organisations who are supporting the Aviva Community Fund:

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