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DASH works with Disabled visual artists. During Covid-19 we are creating artistic opportunities and supporting their emotional wellbeing.

by DASH Disability Arts in Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

About DASH

Disability Arts in Shropshire (DASH) is a Disabled led visual arts charity. It creates opportunities for Disabled artists to develop their creative practice. These opportunities take many forms, from high quality commissions to community based workshops.

With a history of work including visual arts, dance, theatre, live arts and festivals in Shropshire since the mid 1990's, DASH became a limited company and registered charity in 2001. In 2009 DASH took the decision to specialise its work in visual arts, while expanding its geographical boundaries.  

During the last ten years DASH has undertaken truly ground-breaking work –The Vacuum Cleaner at Midlands Arts Centre. A man sits on the floor wearing a purple jumper, blue jeans and black pumps. His left hand is leaning against a litter bin, while his right hand holds a marker pen. He is drawing on the bin, the bin has the word 'loony' in gold capital letters. Behind him 2 people sit on a bench. projects that have challenged perceptions, fostered and mentored new Deaf and Disabled artists, encouraged professional development and helped to engineer change in the arts sector.  


DASH support during the pandemic

It was clear from day one of lockdown that DASH needed to take a practical role in the Covid crisis. At times it seemed that there were few other organisations operating or those that were had most of their staff furloughed. 

This left a void. We could see this would have a massive impact on disabled artists (most of whom were shielding and in some financial difficulty). We immediately offered mentoring and support with funding bids.

We all found ourselves in such a rapidly changing environment back in March when lockdown started. Two people in conversation sitting at a table. The person on the right is side on to the camera and her long hair covers her face. The person to the left is leaning on the table and looking at the person on the right, her hair is tied in a bun, she has the words DASH and Rosie on her t-shirt.It was apparent to funders like Arts Council England that there was a need to get funds to individual artists as quickly as possible. However, poor access and very short application deadlines discriminated against many Disabled artists, making our bid writing support essential.

The support we are offering is invaluable at this time and we expect that one key outcome will be a strong body of well-resourced and connected Disabled artists.


The Artists of tomorrow

DASH are supporting our Young Disabled artists through digital communicatioSix graphic designs depicting 'Early help', 'Family Support', 'Early Years', 'Financial Support', 'Travel and Transport' and 'Things to do'. The designs are simple and appealing.ns and art supplies and training, including a twelve-week introduction to art history course, called Art Influencers, with ten young (18-30) Disabled artists based across the UK and Australia. Our aim is to use the learning from this course to create an extended online course in 2021. Our 'Free Medicine' programme gave a group of Young Disabled Artists from Shropshire training, mentoring and increased their confidence and well being. Their work is being used by Shropshire Council on the local offer section of the website. These young artists will be the celebrated artists of the future and it is vital we support their journeys now. 1595498948_dash_dashes.jpg

Quotes from the artists we work with

"The support On the left is a canvas, it has three human figures painted in grey, two people atnd looking at the painting and seem to be discussing it.from DASH over the years has been invaluable, it's helped me develop as an artist and given me the confidence to apply for opportunities, these have included, residencies, grant applications, exhibitions, Scholarships and jobs."

“DASH’s approach to personalised mentoring has created a tailormade service allowing me to express myself creatively and professionally”                                                    

“DASH have boosted my confidence and I now claim the title of ‘artist’.”

“Having a clear path has made my design and creating process easier. For the first time in ages, I am not second guessing myself, I am just creating."                           

“I have found DASH to be so valuable for me. The barriers I face as a dyslexic artist are bridged with the support of my mentor. He is able to detect and ask what my specific needs are. I am given motivation and bite size tasks to work on.”

“DASH has enabled me to engage with a support network that recognises my strengths and weaknesses. I am always left inspired that I’m on my path.”


What your support would mean to us

The pandemic has thrown us in at the deep end in terms of supporting our artists, with funding we can provide more and better support. 

£5 covers print and postage costs for two funding guides

£25 enables us to put together a pack of art materials for one young artist

£100 provides four hours of mentoring support

£300 enables us to bring in freelance staff and provide more support to more people

and more projects like these...The image is a screen grab, which shoes the DASH website. The page is made up of twelve rectangles, each has a project title at the bottom and an image of the project.



Nearly all of our rewards have been kindly donated by the artists we work with.  

£5 Postcards - A massive thank you postcard! (Actual size A5) Choose from: Juan delGado - Transformers, Anna Berry - Leaf Cuts, gobscure - think tree think free, Georgia Murphy - 2 metres or Mat Fraser by David Hevey (from David Hevey’s The Disabled Century series (BBC))



£10 - Badges - Feel inspired every day with these artistic badges. Choose from: Anna Berry Leaf Cuts, Richard Downes - Jaundiced Jean in Yellow Peril, Nancy Willis - Dream Horse


1598016254_yellow_line_dash.jpg£20 - Tote bags - made from 100% cotton, you can carry your favourite art everywhere!

Choose from: Tanya Raabe-Webber - Love in a Connection, Juan delGado - Transformers, Diana Terry - Silver Crest


Nancy Willis - Dancer, Richard Downes - Jaundiced Jean in Yellow Peril, Nancy Willis - Friends



£20 - The Incorrigibles - published in 2016 this full colour hardback book showcases the work of fourteen Disabled artists

1598008274_the_incorrigibles.jpgThe stories and artwork in this book unite the artists and demonstrate the strong vibrant genre that is progressive and inspirational to an emerging Disability Arts landscape. We are indebted to all the artists who responded with such openness, honesty and generosity of spirit.
This book is not just about Disability Arts and culture, it is a book about artists being artists, it is about a celebration of difference, it is about the will to survive as artists, it is about humanity, it is about the fact that art unites us all as human beings and that Disability Art is here and now!


£25 - Set of 6 postcards -  set of A6 postcards by Nancy Willis



Limited Editions

Ge1598350880_a_fairer_world.jpgorgia Murphy - Fairer World - £20 - (edition of 20) lino print which measures 14.5 cm x 20.5cm and the paper is Snowdon 130gsm.


1598012594_no_losin_yr_marbles_clear_edition_small.jpgno losin yr marbles - £50 - this edition (11 in series) consists of a 1920's clear medical bottle, with a clownfish marble, cork (wilkos) and an inkjet printed signed postcard

Juan delGado

Altered Landscapes - w1598011461_altered_landscapes_small.jpgas an immersive multimedia installation which traced a personal narrative through the scarred vistas of Europe in the midst of the largest mass migration in living memory. For this exhibition delGado travelled to Greece, Macedonia and Calais to record the journeys taken by refugees. Photographic prints £100 each (edition of 5) 30" x 16"

Nancy Willis

Bearded Man - £100 each, 1984 Lino Print (Edition of 8) and 

Flying Trapeze - £120 each, 1988 Silkscreen Print (Edition of 14)



Original Artworks

Mahlia Amatina

The Chuckling House - £100 -  acrylics on canvas, 33cm x 44cm

Catch 22: Dissolving - £250 -  (framed), acrylics on canvas, 51cm x 40cm (unframed dimensions), 54.5cm x 44.5cm (framed dimensions)


Tanya Raabe-Webber 

Love in a Connection - £200, acrylic o1598014190_tanya_small.jpgn wooden panel block, 5”x5” x 1. Tanya is one of Shropshire's leading Disabled Artists and she shares her knowledge and experience through DASH's visual art workshops throughout Shropshire.

Mark Noble

These colourful, acrylic on board paintings are priced at £150 each and each measures 41cm x51cm

left to right top: Boat coming into Bay and Birds and Boats

left to right bottom: Wild Bird and Still Sunset


Fae Kilburn

1598015597_smalltime_stood_still,_etching_fae_kilburn,.jpgTime Stood Still - £300 - this is the artist proof, so is unique to any print that will come from the plate in the future. Etching, 33" x 25"


DASH Staff

Mike Layward has worked in the arts for nearly 40 years, as a performer, musician, carnival designer, maker, puppeteer, producer, director and live artist. He has worked across the UK, France, Holland, Spain, Palestine and India. 1598022971_mike-layward-square.jpgSince 1999 Mike has been Artistic Director of DASH and has been instrumental in DASH gaining a National reputation as the leading Disability Visual Arts organisation. Mike's philosophy is based on the belief that the arts are and have to be a vehicle for Social change.

Our Operations Director, Paula Dower, is also a painter and photographer, her usual subjects 1598023009_paula2.jpgare horses and the natural world. She lives in Wellington with her husband, daughter and two cats. Paula thinks that DASH makes a difference by creating opportunities for Disabled artists, bringing people together through workshops in the county and extending the reach of DASH by creating partnerships with other cultural organisations.

Carrie Slawinska j1598023068_csheadshot2.jpgoined the team in March 2015 as Administration Assistant, and is currently looking after her two young children.  Carrie studied Fine Art at Staffordshire University and has delivered practical arts and crafts sessions in a range of settings, including the Beacon Centre, Wolverhampton. She is also a carer for a family member and has trained as a Dementia Friends champion.

Sarah Coxall 1598023099_sarah.jpgtook up the post of Learning and Engagement Manager in April 2018. Sarah works with Young Disabled Artists, creating and delivering workshops, mentoring and training. Sarah is currently delivering on online course, developed during lockdown, 'Art Influencers: A Guided Tour of Art History'. Giving an online introduction to art history course for those who find barriers to traditional educational routes.

Esther Cartwright joined us in February 2020, as Marketing and Administration Assistant. She has previous Audien1598023159_esther.jpgce Development and Arts Marketing experience in Birmingham and across the region. Since a move to Shropshire and spending some time out to raise a family, Esther has more recently worked as an Administrator for a local council.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£125 or more

2 of 10 claimed

Young Disabled Artists support

Each Young Disabled Artist receives four hours of support and a goody bag of art supplies. You will receive a postcard, tote bag and book.

£5 or more

0 of 100 claimed

Thank you postcard

A massive thank you postcard! Well OK it's regular size, but the thank you is massive and it's got a great image on it!

£10 or more

4 of 150 claimed

Arty badge

A badge of your choice and a postcard.

£20 or more

0 of 100 claimed

The Incorrigibles hardback book

A hardback copy of 'The Incorrigibles' 84 pages celebrating difference, Disabled artists and humanity.

£20 or more

3 of 80 claimed

Arty Tote Bags

Carry beautiful art with you all day, six different designs to choose from.

£20 or more

6 of 20 claimed

Limited edition lino print

Fairer World by Georgia Murphy measures 14.5 cm x 20.5cm printed on Snowdon 130gsm paper.

£25 or more

3 of 25 claimed

Set of 6 postcards

Designed by Nancy Willis, six different designs are included in the pack

£50 or more

1 of 11 claimed

no losin yr marbles

Limited edition 3-D artwork by gobscure A 1920's medicine bottle, with clownfish marble, cork and postcard

£100 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Sponsor a mentee

Each mentee will receive four mentoring sessions to develop their creative practice. You will receive a postcard, badge and book.

£100 or more

2 of 5 claimed

Limited Edition print of Altered Landscapes

A black and white photograph by Juan delGado 30" x 16"

£100 or more

0 of 8 claimed

Limited edition lino print

Bearded Man lino cut by Nancy Willis

£100 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Original painting

The Chuckling House by Mahlia Amatina

£120 or more

0 of 14 claimed

Limited Edition Silkscreen Print

Flying trapese silkscreen print by Nancy Willis

£150 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Original nautical paintings

Acrylic on canvas board by Mark Noble

£200 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Original painting

Love in a Connection by Tanya Raabe-Webber

£250 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Original painting

Catch 22: Dissolving by Mahlia Amatina

£300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Original etching

Time Stood Still by Fae Kilburn

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