Aviva Community Fund

Eligibility Criteria

About the Aviva Community Fund

Building stronger, more resilient communities across the UK: that's what we're striving towards at Aviva, and it's how we'll continue to help small charities and community causes.

We know the causes that make the biggest impact are those that are given the opportunity to test innovative ideas and explore new sustainable strategies without fear of risk. That's why the Aviva Community Fund backs the clever ideas that move communities forward and provides these amazing causes with vital support and resources.

Aviva will match each donation you receive up to £250. This means that if someone gives £5, we'll double it to
£10. If they give £250, we'll match it, so the cause gets £500. Organisations can receive up to £50,000 in match funding and eligible causes can apply at any time.

Got an idea that will move your community forward? We've got your back.

Is your project eligible?

We know your time is precious and we want to make sure you put forward a project that meets our eligibility criteria. So, before submitting an idea, please have a read through our eligibility checklist. For the full terms and conditions that apply to the Aviva Community Fund, please see www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk. If there's anything you're unsure about, please have a look at our FAQs, or contact us at [email protected].

Because we want to support forward-thinking causes that are helping to build stronger communities, your project should align with one of our Aviva funding areas.

All beneficiaries of your project must be in the UK.

Funding areas:
1. Financial Wellbeing: helping people take control of their wellbeing by giving them the tools to be more financially independent and ready for anything
2. Climate Action: Promoting healthy, thriving communities by preventing, preparing for and protecting against the impacts of climate change

If your Organisation's core mission is aligned to one of these key funding areas, then it is also acceptable for your Project to be fundraising to cover your Organisation's usual operational costs.

Temporary changes from 30th March 2023: Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund

If your Climate Action project is focussed on taking action for nature, you may be eligible to receive additional funding through the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund. To qualify for this additional funding, your Project must also demonstrate the following:

1. It will support communities in areas where the need is greatest, specifically areas that are ranked 1 – 5 according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation.
To check the IMD rank for a local area, see:
• for England
• for Northern Ireland
• for Scotland
• for Wales


It is working towards one of the following outcomes:
Nature restoration – activity that boosts local biodiversity by protecting or restoring habitats, creating space for nature, connecting green spaces and/or addressing activities that directly impact biodiversity.
Nature connectedness and pro-environmental behaviours – action that supports greater connection to nature and promotes pro-environmental behaviours at the community level that will benefit nature.
Community cohesion and connection – nature positive activity that encourages collaboration in the local community by connecting people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities to nature and one another.

Projects that are accepted to participate in the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund and go live on the Fund Webpage will receive an initial one-off Pledge of £500 from Aviva. Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund Projects will then receive 2:1 match funding from Aviva. From 30 March 2023 until £1 million of funding has been allocated, Pledges will be matched at a rate of £2 to every £1 donated. 2:1 match funding will apply to Pledges of up to £250. The maximum value of 2:1 match funding a Project can receive is £15,000.

To apply to the Fund, project owners must:

• be age 18 or older
• be a UK resident
• be an authorised employee, volunteer, trustee, director or officer of the organisation
• have authority from the organisation to apply to the Fund, and
• use a UK IP address and not use a disposable email address.

Organisations must:
• be one of the following types of organisations:
- Charity*
- Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO);
- Community Interest Company (CIC);
- Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG);
- Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC); or
- Constituted community group.
• be based in the UK
• have been operating for at least 12 months and have published financial data available
• have an annual income of no more than £2 million (can be averaged over the last three financial years)
• have a UK bank account in its own name
• have a safeguarding policy (if the organisation supports children or vulnerable people)
• be a living wage employer (if the organisation employs people)
• have an active board of trustees or directors or management body

*Organisations set up as trusts (including charitable trusts) are not currently eligible to participate in the Fund.

The Fund does NOT support projects that:
• benefit a single individual
• have an outcome that is only accessible to people of a particular faith or belief, or
• that are raising funds to provide people with cash grants or vouchers for goods/services.

Due diligence requirements

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, project owners need to satisfy some additional due diligence checks. They must:
• upload a form of photo ID
• provide details of the organisation's bank account
• agree to the Aviva Community Fund terms and conditions and Crowdfunder's terms and conditions of funding.

Project owners may be asked to provide additional information to demonstrate that they, their project and/or their organisation is eligible to participate in the Aviva Community Fund.

And finally...

There will be no fees on donations by Aviva (including match funding) but there will be fees on public donations.

Aviva and Crowdfunder reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to exclude from the Fund project owners and organisations that do not meet the eligibility criteria or to reject submissions and projects that do not meet the eligibility criteria or are incomplete, incomprehensible, false or fraudulent. Aviva and Crowdfunder reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to remove project owners, organisations, submissions and projects from the Fund at any point.

For the full terms and conditions that apply to the Aviva Community Fund, please click here.