Here's how the Aviva Community Fund will work:

  1. Step 1: Take part

    1st step: take part in Aviva Community Fund

    Applications are open for eligible charities. Funding is available for fresh ideas looking to secure up to £50,000. Plus, our Knowledge Library, Facebook Group and volunteer opportunities are available to all.

  2. Step 2: Take a close look

    2nd step: closing date for Aviva Community Fund

    Submissions close at 23:59 on 5 May. When applying, you’ll see our new eligibility requirements – check these closely to make sure your idea meets the new criteria.

  3. Step 3: Ready to take off

    3rd step: submission review for Aviva Community Fund

    Submissions will be reviewed for eligibility. You can use this time to look through the support and resources on offer to help you prepare and make the most of your campaign.

  4. Step 4: Take it away!

    4th step: crowdfuding live for Aviva Community Fund

    All Crowdfunder pages go live on 27 May. Causes can share projects with their networks of supporters to raise public donations.

  5. Step 5: Take advantage of the fund

    5th step: take the raised funds from Aviva Community Fund

    On 1 June projects open to Aviva Community Fund employee donations. Aviva employees will be able to view projects and between them will share out £250,000 of funding.

  6. Step 6: Take your time

    6th step: Aviva Community Fund paused

    You have until 8 July to receive Aviva Community Fund donations. But don’t worry if you’ve not reached your fundraising target. You can keep your page open and continue public fundraising.

  7. Step 7: Take it to the next level

    7th step: Aviva Community Fund on the next level

    Reached your fundraising target? Congratulations! You'll have the funds and a whole bunch of new supporters all wanting to help you make your idea a reality.

  8. Step 8: Take them on a journey

    8th step: Aviva Community Fund on a journey

    People have donated, they’ve connected with your cause. They’ll be interested to see how things progress so be sure to keep your donors informed and engaged with the great things you’re achieving.

Key points to consider

Setting your target

Crowdfunding is an “all or nothing” process, which means you need to raise 100% of your target to receive your money. It’s vital that you consider carefully what funding target you want to set. Too low and you won’t be able to realistically bring your idea to life; too high and you may be needlessly pushing your ambitions out of reach.

If your project does not reach target, your supporters will be refunded, and your project will not receive funding.

Telling your story

Your Crowdfunder page is your platform for sharing your story to potential donors. Take care to explain your idea as clearly and succinctly as possible. Consider what photographs would help tell your story and whether a video would help you explain. Key points you’ll need to articulate are:

  • What your organisation does
  • What your project is and the challenge it aims to address
  • How your project is an innovative step forward
  • How much funding you need and how it will be spent

You can find a lot more help with creating a powerful project page below.

Submission support

Are you eligible?

If you haven’t already, please check to make sure your idea falls within our eligibility criteria. To take part your project must:

  • Fall within one of our two key funding areas:
    • Community resilience: Tackling inequality and improving environments to build more connected, more resilient communities
    • Financial capability and inclusion: Giving people the tools to become more financially independent
  • Be raising funds to develop a new approach, product or technology, pilot a new scheme, implement a new initiative, or expand existing services to a new area or beneficiary group. All beneficiaries must be in the UK.
See full eligibility criteria

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