Backing the causes building stronger communities

The Aviva Community Fund helps local causes build stronger communities across the UK. We believe that by caring more
about communities today, we can help them create a better future tomorrow.

And it’s about more than money – we also give causes access to volunteering and professional coaching opportunities,
as well as tools and resources to help build their capabilities and achieve long-term sustainable success.

The causes we’re passionate about

We're on a mission to build a brighter future. Our ambition is for the UK to become the most climate-ready large economy by 2030 and help people and communities feel positive about their financial futures. This is why our two key focus areas are:

Financial wellbeing

Helping people take control of their wellbeing by giving them the tools to be more financially independent and ready for anything.

Climate action

Promoting healthy, thriving communities by preventing, preparing for and protecting against the impacts of climate change.

Funding is available for organisations looking to raise up to £50,000 and eligible causes can apply at any time. Once your application is approved, you’ll create a page that explains the project, its aims and add your fundraising target.

A simpler way to fund community action

We’ve made big changes to the Aviva Community Fund

Application forms

£1.8 million of funding available for community projects

In 2023, we’re committing £1.8 million to projects supporting people’s financial wellbeing and taking action against the impacts of climate change.


Always-on fundraising

No more application deadlines or waiting to get going. Whenever you’re ready, submit your application and, once approved, you’re good to go.

Connecting with your local community

Want to help causes local to you? Explore the projects looking for support.

Building capabilities through better connected communities

Beyond the funding of projects building a better tomorrow for UK communities, we want to connect all charities with the people and resources that can help them thrive. We’re focused on sharing the experience, skills and enthusiasm within Aviva to support causes through free online resources, networking forums and volunteering. 

More about our support